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We acknowledge the significant way that the civil engineering aspects of wind farms can effect the physical nature of the landscape, the air quality and the quality of the rivers and streams emanating from the mountain top location and the responsibilities that it places on us.

It has taken all of time to create the environment we enjoy and we must work sympathetically to ensure our works have minimal effect on the delicate infrastructure which exists.

To achieve this the company implements the following policies:

  • Integrated planning for the careful start up of site based operations
  • Consult with relevant Fisheries authorities to assess their concerns and any specific local issues
  • Ensure compliance with Archaeological requirements
  • Design the measures required from the planning process and all issues raised in the Environmental Impact Statements
  • Implement these measures for control of all aspects of risk, geo-physical characteristics, water and air prior to commencement of mainstream construction
  • Take measures to maintain features and vegetation as best as possible
  • Constantly review the environmental and geo-technical aspects of the site management and redesign, modify or augment as necessary
  • Be aware of legislation and Industry best practice
  • At all times be pro-active is anticipation of potential hazards
  • Consult with specialist consultants for site specific problems.
  • Follow construction methods which minimise their impact on the environment.
  • Develop a culture within the workplace to promote good work ing practice and by ensuring that all personnel on site are aware of their responsibilities
  • Ensuring that environmental policy is freely available to Visitors and Public.
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